Saturday, November 23, 2013

One More Week Til Outreach!

God has been doing A-mazing things in my life and in my classmates' lives. He is so faithful and so good.
Recently, I had one of the most impacting weeks of my time here. The week topic was The Fear of the Lord·  
 And for most of it we practiced Hearing God's Voice through actual application rather than just learning about how to applicate. The fear of the Lord deals with obeying. You obey what He says because you are fearful of what it does to Him when you don't obey. It's a healthy fear. You want to please and do what He says and wants because He knows and wants what is best for you. And when we don't listen or obey Him it hurts Him because He knows that we aren't choosing the best option for ourself.
Think of it like this: a Father who wants his child to listen to him when he tells his child not to put his hand near the stove. But, when the child doesn't listen and gets burned, it hurts the father because he didn't want his child to get hurt. He wants to protect him. If the child would have listened, it would have saved them both from hurts.

Through the week we learned that in everything we do we should (and need to) include God in everything we do. We can ask Him about anything and He will always answer. Sometimes the answer is something we want to hear, sometimes it's something we don't want to hear, and sometimes He tells us just to wait. But He is relational and wants to be included in our lives.

Our speaker challenged us to ask God questions. So there were a couple days where she told us what question she wanted us to ask and then she told us to write down what we received. (part of this reason she said is because writing busy's the mind, so you have no time to argue what you believe you're hearing)

The questions she had us ask God were: 
~What makes you happy? What makes you sad?
~What do we have in common?
~If you could play a game with me what game would it be and why?
~What is your plan and purpose for me?

My favorite part was after I was finished - I would go back over and read what I had written. It was crazy to read...and really felt like it was God saying those things to me. They were in line with the Bible, they were things that brought me closer in my relationship with Him, and this check in my Spirit was telling me it was from God. HOW EXCITING IS THAT??!!! My God SPEAKS to ME!

TRY it for yourself! Exercise that childlike faith ;)

*This was a post that I never put up, but I figured I can still share it. There was more I wanted to write in it, but I'll leave it as is