Monday, July 8, 2013

God Loves Different

SO last week for lectures our theme was "Hearing God's Voice" and of course touching on all the different ways he can speak to us (through the Bible, meditation, nature, worship, prayer, others, prophecy, etc.) Near the end of one of our lectures, the speaker wanted us to go outside, spend a little time in prayer, and listen to what it was God wanted to tell us. She instructed that we bring back one object to the classroom to talk about what it was God had told us.

As I went outside I walked down the driveway toward the bus stop on the road a little ways down. I sat there and just sort of observed all that was around me (still grasping the fact that I was actually in another continent!). The day was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. The sun was shining and there was a perfect breeze coming around every so often.

And this is what I ended up writing down:

God loves Different.
With man there are no 2 alike.
Nature, His creation, repeats this.
How many different types of tress, birds, flowers, types of grass?
Everything has it's own uniqueness. Not even just for His sake; though, so He doesn't become bored, but for man's sake as well.
In everything He does, He thinks of us.
He communicates with us all in different ways - In our own way that He has intended for us. 
He is a personal God.
He cares about the birds and the trees as well as you and me.
How boring would life be if all there ever was was one type of fish, one type of flower, one type of tree. There would be so little excitement and never any new discoveries.
Having differences allows us to show our uniqueness and the beauty and the creativity of our Father, the one who made us.

Thank you Lord SO very much for making my world full of life, differences, and uniqueness. You are a Father who cares about the most minor of details. And that makes all the difference in the world.

For my object that I brought, I ended up bringing more than one. I grabbed 5 different kinds of flowers (they were small ones from the grass) and 2 different kinds of leaves. I stucked them in the folded area of my paper where I had written everything down.

So far the lectures have been great and super powerful! And I'm looking forward to the rest of them!

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