Sunday, July 14, 2013


This post won't have me saying much, but photos speak louder than words right?!

Our expectations for the school and what we want to do (I'm the red)

My room (bottom bunk in the middle)

This is the Canaan House (staff house)

some of downtown Lausanne

Cathedral in Lausanne

Largest stain glass window (I think that's what they said)

Me and Karina in the Cathedral

cleaning up after dinner!

Our class theme is walking on water, so painted out feet... put on our wall in the class (right before this we had a really good time praying for each other and having our own experience of "walking on water"
My first Swiss Chocolate that I bought!

Construction worker doin' his thing in st

Swiss Night! 

Cheese and cheese fondue!

Araceli and Our speaker for the week Rebeca (she works in Amsterdam evangelizing)


Joel and Thomas with the chocolate fondue

My Wonderful Class and Staff! Top left: Joel (staff), Tiara, Karina, (Rebeca -speaker for the week), Middle row: Becky, Manuel (staff), me, Eunsil (staff), Sabastian. Bottom: Mariela (staff), Maria, Araceli, Eun Song, Joy (staff)

Eun Song and I before going on outreach

The Jazz Festival (largest one in the world) in Montreux  

Beautiful view in Montreux


Evangelizing team

Korea traditional dress. We have a Korean team called One Voice with us for the 2 weeks of the jazz festival to  do outreach with

Dustin Kelm

World Champion Cyclist

10ft cycle

One Voice Team doing a drum dance

Swans in Ouchy, Switzerland

Karina at the Lake

Gelato in Switzerland after the lake!

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