Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Making Decisions

A lot of times I decide not to do something because of fear that what I decide to do is not the best option. (That’s probably a reason why I haven’t chosen a major yet in school. So many things seem so interesting to me.) I always find myself thinking, “well what if something else comes along and it’s better, but I’m stuck with what I’ve chosen?” The problem with thinking like this is that most of the time I end up stuck where I am and never actually deciding on something.

Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE spontaneity!! It’s one of the things I love most. I mean to just all of a sudden hop in the car on a whim and take a road trip on a nice day or get an urge to go on a long bike ride to enjoy the weather …those are some of the things I absolutely live for.

I gotta live life, take chances, laugh a little. [Now trust me I’m no stranger to these 3 tasks of life. More so the first and third. I like to think I’m a chance taker…and I am, but with some precautions which is not always a bad thing.]

I think for me, what gets me is the decision making. Setting my foot down. Giving a yes or a no answer. It’s gotten better as I’ve grown older probably do to maturing and just the ability to think more clearly (or so I like to think haha) But even if that isn’t the case I know that I've been given a sound mind. And when I’m not sure of the answer or decision that I need to make, it’s perfectly okay because there’s someone that I know very well who does. And that’s when I realize that my qualms are nothing to fret about that everything is planned out for me already. And it’s okay to hop in the car and head to "who knows where" and enjoy the day I’ve been given.


  1. I love the presence of my pictures on your blog! =P Girl. I am with you... decision making is HARD... ultimately for me, it usually comes down to lots of prayer, and an ultimate decision... and faith that I made the right decision, and if I didn't, faith that God will close that door and open another one... He's good like that! =P <3 you! I am already excited to see you again... whenever that may be!

  2. haha you're just always ready with the camera!! (I like it!)
    but ya that's basically it haha and thank goodness He is good like that!
    ohhhhh man I can't wait either! April get here already! haha SO EXCITED