Wednesday, March 2, 2011

O Sheetz

So there's a place here that's a safe haven to all college students in the weeee hours of the day or night. (normally night) This place is called Sheetz. Its name rings in my ears and gives me a tingly feeling all over. Oh how this destination has saved me many a night of my midnight cravings and coffee fixations.

Now those of you who are not familiar with this place:
First, I cannot imagine anyone who isn't.
Second, if you aren't. That needs MUST be changed.
Third, well what are you waiting for?! Go and find a Sheetz!

But in the case that one may not be able to come near such a wondrous place I shall explain its magnificence. It feeds your car and your belly! It is not your regular gas station. Oh NO! It is the gas station of all gas stations. Once you go in you are hit with a slew of jaw dropping items to choose from and it's all at the tip of your fingers (or touch)! You can order your food off of a touch screen! Anything from pizza, giant burritoes with everything you want in it, the most delicious nachos ever, to smoothies, and the most delectable coffee drinks just to name a few. Not to mention it has the regular tempting donut station as well as aisles of junk food filled with chips and sweets that are just waiting to boost up your cholesterol.

So here's to you Sheetz. The safe haven for starving college students that are up way too late on nights in which they should just go to bed.

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