Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Over Spring Break

 So over spring break A LOT happened! I'll only touch on a few events but needless to say it was not dull at all! :)
First off, I was pleasured with the presence of my friend Xiaotong Jiang (or Pheobe...her English name) an exchange student from China. I had had a class with her last semester and over winter break we exchanged e-mails and I asked her if she had plans for spring break. She didn't, so I invited her to stay with me...FOR THE WHOLE WEEK! haha scary I know. But she braved it out.

It was a blast! Right away we got busy! I set out to give her a good experience and allow her to see what the life of a Buechler really is about (aka nonstop). The day we arrived back home, Rachel and I had our longboard packages waiting for us! We couldn't wait to test them out the next day.

But that same night we ended up having a bonfire at the house and Pheobe had her first  S'more! She loved it! The rest of the week followed with a few more firsts for her too. She learned how to ride a bike (and she didn't even use training wheels to start. now that's impressive). She saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. She went to church for the first time. She had her first sleepover. AND she cooked a chinese meal for 10 people for the first time (DELICIOUS)! Needless to say we were quite busy.

(phoebe, me, luke)

One evening though, we weren't to sure what to do and somehow we got to talking about paper airplanes. Well I asked her if she knew origami and she did. And after that....we spent 8 hours straight folding papers and making beautiful art. (She was mainly teaching me haha) We had so much fun! During that time, we had a great idea....that we would make a bouquet of flowers for Teresa Rieke, who at the end of the week was holding a girl's night that we were going to go to. By the time we were almost finished we realized it was past 3 in the morning and called it a night. We put another hour in the next day and our creations were complete!

The top picture is the one we gave to Teresa (we themed the colors and the vase, but kept the flower type the same)

It was a great spring break and I had a wonderful time!! Beaching it, longboardin it, origamiin it, having fun with fam, and making a great new friend!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast!! It was so fun to see you both while you were here! :)

  2. thank you dear ladies! i keep them upstairs and i think of you every time i look at it. love you.

  3. It really was!! It was wonderful seeing you too!!

    Glad you like them!!! :) love you too!!

  4. This is so sweet!! Thank you so much, Becca!! This could be our memory of this FANTANSTIC spring break!!! Love you lots!!! <3<3<3!!!

  5. you're adorable. I wish I could have seen you! and I can't wait to see you ASAP! <3