Sunday, May 8, 2011

Freshman Year

 Today I am officially done with my freshman year in college. Wow it sure did fly by!
It was full of lots of things! Playing for the soccer team, meeting and making lots of great friends, tears and laughs, and of course learning.
lots of fun

I got a lead in the school play
Crimes of the Heart as Babe
had friends visit
Everyone always says that "college is the best time of your life don't waste it", so I didn't...
took lots of naps
and elected Vice President for next year

got in to two clubs
attended lots of ceremonies
lots of studying

and spent quality time with my twin sis
 AND Countless other things and events. But pictures are worth a thousand words (or so they say) So I figured I'd throw some in. Who knows where the next chapter may lead or be. But this one was a lot of fun and one I will treasure and never forget :)

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